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Fendi Handbags


About Fendi

Fendi opted to call its famous bag "baguette" after someone at the launch commented that it should be carried "like French bread", called a baguette.

Fendiís Baguette has been so popular that LVMH, the new owner of Phillips International Auctioneers and Prada recently joined forces to by a 51% stake in Fendi

The Baguette was the inspiration of Silvia Venturini who ran away to South America when she was 17 shocking the 74-year old Rome based fashion house

The baguette was launched in the Autumn of 1997 and even Fendi admits it has no idea why the handbag has been so popular

Fendiís baguette range started with Silvia ordering 12 to be produced with a £3,100 price tag

Fendi keeps redesigning the baguette and the range includes some geometric patterened needlepoint baguettes in sherbet colours with lizard clasps and sequinned baguettes

One Fendi baguette takes 12 days to make as it is handwoven silk which is woven at 5cm of fabric a day and there are only three artists who are skilled enough to work the design

Silvia is now in charge of Fendissime, a new collection for the younger set Ė so successful has the range been that in 1992 Karl Lagerfeld Fendiís ready-to-wear designer since 1965 suggested Silvia take over Fendiís accessories

Silvia has designed the famous Fendi Baguette buckle based on the double FF logo that is Fendiís trademark Fendiís reputation for luxury items was built on its high class luxurious furs


Just call me...fashionista! Can't help but love what is on the horizon for fall '99. The American film industry deserves the Oscar for highlighting designer fashion to this degree. Can't help but think of Rene Russo as the cashmere draped Catherine Banning in the movie, "The Thomas Crown Affair." Of course, she was wrapped up in a lot less for evening wear, but the wardrobe department outdid itself in clipping terrific styles by Michael Kors for Celine. This is the ultimate all-American look, hands down.

A no-frills, clean design is how fall shapes up. The pieces fall into place, the sportswear is spare, just a tad feminine to smooth out the edges. These are the clothes we live in and can count on, especially when the fabrics are the most ultra quality to date.

Once a modest fur and leather goods store begun by married couple Eduardo and Adele Fendi in Rome in 1925, Fendi has evolved into a line synonymous with luxury. Now headed up by Karl Lagerfeld, who had his first stint with the label in 1966, Fendi has expanded to include accessories in addition to its ready-to-wear and apparel collections. Most notably, the house caused a stir in the fashion world in 1997 when it released the now-famous baguette handbag (so named because it's worn tucked under the arm like a loaf of French bread). Fendi's latest collections combine ultra modern haute couture with a hint of edgy, futuristic drama, and óas alwaysóplenty of fur.

This Bal Harbour location is the only complete Fendi shop in the entire southeast. And if that doesn't impress you, then you'll have to check out Fendi's latest collection of handbags, luggage, small leather goods, ready-to-wear and the extraordinary Fendi Fur collection. Guaranteed you won't be impressed by any big clearance racks in this boutique, but the lush furs and rich leather goods are sure to do the trick. The fragrances are exquisite as well. Quality and style are the name of the game behind these doors.


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