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Furla Handbags


About Furla

The Furla family legacy began 77 years ago when Aldo Furlanetto started his business as a trader in accessories. In the 70’s Aldo’s children, Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo took over the business and decided to develop the Furla brand internationally. They created the Furla collection of luxury accessories including handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, belts, watches, scarves, hats, gloves, sunglasses and most recently footwear. Based on elegance and femininity, and techno-artisanal details, the Furla handcrafted Italian brand is known for its affordable luxury.

Within the next 10 years, Furla opened several stores worldwide and created a network of profitable franchises. Furla was one of the first luxury brands to create a franchising network, and to utilize a store concept that became a “case study” for many companies for its innovative merchandising and visual format.

In order to accelerate growth, in the 1980’s, Furla established subsidiaries in 9 countries (USA, France, Spain, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Australia) and established Furla’s presence in 64 countries worldwide.

Every Furla collection is the result of research and interpretation,which takes account of the past and observes the present, with the future in mind. Because the true virtue of elegance lies not in its power to amaze, but to interpret what is new and translate it into a style.

Furla was founded in 1927. Villa Bellaria, close to the centre of Bologna, houses the company headquarters. Built in the late 18th Century, this classical building has been returned to its former splendour thanks to restoration work which has maintained its architectural characteristics.


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